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Cleaning and Storage

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  • Make a habit of cleaning your hearing instruments on a daily basis.
  • Apply the method for cleaning your type of hearing aid as recommended by your hearing aid professional and/or your instruction manual.
  • Then wipe gently with a soft cloth.
  • Do not use solvents, cleaning fluids or oil to clean your instrument.
  • Because your hearing instruments are so small and delicate, it's a good idea to perform cleaning tasks over a soft cloth laid on a table or desk.
  • This will reduce the risk of damage should you drop the instrument.
  • Once people are used to wearing their instruments, they occasionally forget they have them in so always check to make sure you've removed your instruments before swimming, showering or applying hairspray. It's a good idea to check your pockets before washing clothes as well.
  • If your hearing instruments do get wet, don't try to dry them in an oven, microwave, or with a hair dryer because the heat will damage them. Instead, dispose of the batteries and place the instruments on a towel in a safe place, leaving the battery doors open to promote air drying.

  • When you're not wearing your hearing instruments, turn them off and open the battery doors to prolong battery life.
  • An instrument left "on" can produce feedback that might attract the attention of curious pets or children, with the possible result of a chewed or swallowed hearing instrument.
  • For the same reasons, store your hearing instruments out of reach of kids or pets.
  • If your instruments will not be worn for an extended period of time, place them in a protective pouch and store in a cool, dry place away from heat or sunlight.
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