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Handling and Controls

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  • Always keep your hearing instruments clean and dry. To preserve battery life when you're not wearing your instruments, open the battery compartment doors so the batteries are not in contact with the internal components.
  • If your instruments have a volume control, use it to turn them on and off and adjust the level of amplification.
  • To turn your instruments on, rotate the control forward or clockwise until a comfortable sound level is reached.
  • You may want to adjust the volume as you move between different listening situations. To increase volume, continue rotating the control forward. To make sounds softer, rotate the control backward or counter-clockwise.
  • To turn your instruments off, rotate the control backward as far as it will go.
  • If your instruments do not have a volume control, they are "on" any time functioning batteries are properly placed in the compartments, and the battery doors are closed.
  • To turn your instruments "off," simply open the battery compartment doors so the batteries are no longer in contact with the internal components.
  • When any hearing instrument is "on," you may occasionally hear a whistling noise known as feedback. It's more likely to occur while you're inserting or removing your instrument.
  • Feedback is caused by amplified sounds leaving the ear that are reflected by your hand back into the instrument's microphone.
  • It should stop when you move your hand away. If you have trouble with persistent feedback, see your hearing professional.
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