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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss
Micro Hearing Aid
Micro Hearing Aid
Micro Hearing Aid
It could mean not hearing the doorbell ring or your spouse call you from another room. It could mean missing key information in a business meeting or avoiding seeing friends for fear of being “found out.” Hearing loss can interfere with the quality of your life, restricting your ability to interact with others, causing misunderstandings and fatigue, heightening stress and filtering out the myriad of sound experiences that give pleasure and meaning to life.
And not incidentally, hearing loss can be a safety issue. What happens when you don’t hear the smoke detector? Yet most people hesitate to act when it comes to treating a hearing loss. Part of the problem is that onset is gradual (and virtually invisible). In fact, it can take years for hearing loss to develop. Part of the problem is denial.

Hearing loss may be a natural part of the aging process, but few of us want to admit to growing older. But perhaps the biggest problem is how we view hearing loss, both as a culture and as individuals.

Hearing loss has always carried something of a stigma in comparison to failing eyesight, for example—and as a society, we even tackle hair loss or impotence before hearing loss.
Fortunately, that’s changing, fueled in part by your search for knowledge at sites like this one. So, congratulations on taking a step towards making hearing loss not just another topic in the healthcare forum. 
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