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Using and Maintaining Your Hearing Aid

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Now that you have hearing instruments, you may notice sounds you haven't heard in a long time. Background street noises, a chirping bird, children playing... these are all sounds that gradually faded out of your life as your hearing diminished. Your decision to explore this new world of sound will enhance your quality of life. The key is to remain optimistic during the aclimatisation period. You must give yourself time to adapt to better hearing. Daily use of your hearing instruments will be essential to that process.

Your Hearing Instrument Specialist will be there to:
  • Instruct you on the proper insertion of your new hearing instruments.
  • Show you basic care and maintenance of your instruments.
  • Provide an individualized program to help you adjust to your newfound ability to hear.
  • Consult with your family and others to help them better communicate with you and help you adjust to your new hearing system.
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