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What is a Hearing Aid ?

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  • A hearing aid is an aid to hearing that makes sounds louder so they are more accessible for a hearing impaired person. Hearing aids must be individually prescribed and selected to suit each person's hearing loss.
  • All hearing aids have 3 main parts.
  • A microphone, which picks up sound and converts it into can electrical signal.
  • An amplifier, which increases the strength of the signal.
  • An earphone, which converts the amplified signal back into sound (at the louder volume).
The main types of hearing aids are: (MCIC) Micro Completely Cn the Canal, (CIC) Completely In the Canal, (ITE) In-The-Ear, (ITC) In-The-Canal, (RIC) Receiver In the Canal,  (BTE) behind-the-ear and Slim Tube BTE body level and spectacle hearing aids. ITE and ITC hearing aids have all their components fitted into the earmould, and the aid sits entirely within the ear or canal. Usually these are suitable for mild and moderate hearing losses only. BTE hearing aids can be fitted to a wide range of hearing losses, from mild to profound.

Body level hearing aids have been virtually replaced by new more powerful behind the ear hearing aids. Body aids were reserved for people who are very deaf, or for those who cannot manage other types of hearing aids. Spectacle hearing aids are those where all the components of the hearing aid are built into the arms of the spectacles. They are rarely fitted these days as other types are more convenient and just as inconspicuous.
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