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Whats That in your ear?

Hearing Loss
Micro Hearing Aid
Micro Hearing Aid
Every hearing instrument is a miniature variety of electronic circuitry encased in plastic. Every hearing instrument has these parts: a microphone that picks up sound, an amplifier to boost the sound, and a receiver that delivers the amplified sound into the ear. All are powered by tiny replaceable batteries.
Any hearing instrument you buy should help to compensate for your hearing loss and be comfortable to wear. Equally important is the attitude and commitment of the wearer—whether that’s you or someone close to you. It takes time and dedication to get the best possible result from any hearing instrument. 

You may not have previously noticed micro (CIC) completely in the canal hering aids that have been fitted from over 20 years ago. Yes, Micro Hearing Aid pioneered these instruments in 1994.

There are many makes of hearing instruments, and many models from each manufacturer. What’s important is to find the best solution for your listening requirements.
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